Hi and welcome! My name is Celeste, I’m a professional pastry chef, and I’ve been baking and experimenting with food in the kitchen since I was about 12 years old (yes, they had ovens back then, dearie)! Family comes first, then baking, then movies. Ok, maybe movies, then baking? Either way, I love them both, so decided to put them together and share them with you.

I live in beautiful Oregon with my family and pampered pomapoo pooch, brazenly named Beowoof! When I’m not baking,  I like to spend time with family, going to the movies, going garage sale hopping, watching classic movies at home, (for me that means pre-1960’s) and sewing (mostly aprons to keep the baking off my shirt!) I love all things coffee, chocolate, and don’t get me started on butter pecan, oooo! I’m fascinated with the science of baking and will share what I learn along the way. I’ll also be posting my baking bloopers, of which there are many, because baking is a science and I failed chemistry!

I hope you’ll be inspired here to try new recipes, watch movies, and to send me your favorite movie suggestions that you’d like to see paired with a dessert.

And remember, “Leave the gun, take the cannoli”–The Godfather


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